The Center for NBCC Advocacy Training has developed programs to teach breast cancer activists the strategic and evidence-based approach to advocacy that NBCC has pioneered.


By offering premier, targeted training in breast cancer science and public policy, the Center readies breast cancer advocates to become agents of action and change in the mission to eradicate breast cancer.


Who is it for?

The Center programs are offered at all skill and experience levels, and are taught by outstanding faculty from renowned research and academic institutions. 



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SLBCC is a member organization of the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC), headquartered in Washington, D.C., which has grown to more than 600 member organizations across the country.


Research Analysis and Collaboration

Since 1991, to achieve its mission to end breast cancer, NBCC has focused on gaining access to quality, evidence-based care for all, increasing the influence of women living with breast cancer and other breast cancer activists in the decision making that impacts all issues surrounding breast cancer, and on research.



The focus on research has involved working consistently year after year to ensure adequate Federal appropriations for high-quality, peer-reviewed research.  But in addition, NBCC has been committed to making sure those hard-won research funds are well-spent, and that relevant research in the private sector addresses the needs of breast cancer patients.  NBCC accomplishes this through working for advocate representation on all relevant review committees and panels, and through collaborations with the scientific community.  With these collaborations, NBCC works to develop new research models, conduct research, design protocols and set research priorities. 


NBCC works to increase the effectiveness of breast cancer research in several ways:

Clinical Trials Initiative: NBCC works with scientists and industry leaders to design, conduct and oversee specific clinical trials in order to increase the quality, number, and participation in clinical trials.
Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program: NBCC spearheaded the funding of the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program, which involves breast cancer advocates in every stage of the decision-making process and promotes innovative models of research.
Love/Avon Army of Women: NBCC partners with the Love/Avon Army of Women to unite cancer researchers with women willing to participate in research studies on the causes and prevention of breast cancer.


Research Analysis

As a grassroots organization, NBCC recognizes the importance of an empowered public and providing the public with evidence-based and patient-centered information on important breast cancer issues and research has also been a key focus for NBCC since its founding.  NBCC staff assess breast cancer research in the scientific and medical literature, and significant research findings reported in the popular media in order to provide a more in-depth patient-centered perspective on current research for the public.


NBCC's website provides easy access for the public to up-to-date information on breast cancer issues and news of the day, with the more in-depth, patient-centered perspective.  Content includes a comprehensive look at major controversies in the field of breast cancer, including mammography screening, HER2 testing, and the diagnosis of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).  Summaries of current research are provided, along with comments and interpretations from breast cancer advocates.


NBCC's website is also the place to find analyses and fact sheets on recent developments in research and public policy that provide an informed, educated, and unbiased advocate perspective to emerging breast cancer issues; position papers whose topics are chosen by the NBCC Board of Directors for their controversial nature and significance; and Breaking News which are immediate responses to breast cancer reports in the media.


Research analyses consist of an outline of the study methodology, a critical evaluation of the conclusions in terms of their significance for women and for breast cancer research as a whole, and a description of the limitations of the study.


Position papers are developed on key breast cancer topics that are either controversial, surrounded by popular myth, or that the NBCC Board of Directors determines for other reasons would serve the public interest. These position papers outline the key issues for each topic and include an analysis of the best available research evidence on the various sides of the issue. NBCC develops its positions through a lengthy research process that includes an evaluation of the quality and strength of evidence for each issue. All position papers are regularly reviewed and updated as new evidence is established, and all have been voted on and approved by the NBCC Board of Directors.  


St. Louis Breast Cancer Coalition sponsors educational programs to inform members and the community at large about critical issues related to breast cancer.



April 13th, 2016 Educational Event At St Luke's Hospital Shedding a Light:

Research Update and Psychosocial Elements of Breast Cancer


Speakers included:

Dr. Sam Achilefu, inventor/researcher and winner of "Distinguished Investigator" by the DoD BCMRP; Dr. Ron Bose, HER2+ expert; Dr. Teresa Deshields, psychologist


This collaborative evening was co-sponsored by the St Louis Breast Cancer Coalition, Susan G. Komen Missouri, and the Cancer Support Community.


In October 2012, SLBCC sponsored a dinner program presented by Katherine Weilbaecher, M.D., Washington University Associate Professor, Dept. of Medicine, Oncology Division. The presentation “Strengthening Our Bones to Resist Cancer” taught us new and useful information regarding bone health and cancer.


In 2011, we were honored to have Jason Weber, Ph.D., Washington University Associate Professor, Internal Medicine, Molecular Oncology, Cell Biology & Physiology, present “The New BRIGHT Institute: Attacking Breast Cancer Genomes.”  Dr. Weber is very skilled at presenting complicated information for all to understand and we look forward to hearing from him again.


We have an education committee that is always looking for anyone interested in educating our members and the community on ways to achieve our mission.  Our committee also presents information on breast cancer deadline 2020 to groups and organizations.  Please contact us for more information, or to schedule a time for us to meet with your group.



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Fran Visco, President of NBCC, gave a Breast Cancer Deadline 2020 presentation at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center on November 13, 2014 to approximately 200 members of the community.  Ms. Visco discussed NBCC's strategic plan to know how to end breast cancer by January 1, 2020 by harnessing the energy, resources, and leadership from around the world to understand how to prevent individuals from developing breast cancer and how to prevent deaths from metastasis.


While in St. Louis, Ms. Visco also met with Breast Cancer Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine to discuss Breast Cancer Deadline 2020 and facilitate participation in the mission of the campaign.


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